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Marriage Coaches

Building Strong Sustainable Marriage and Family Relationships in Communities with a Worldwide Impact

Yes, Marriage Works provides comprehensive support for missionaries, addressing their needs before, during, and after service on the field. Our programs offer guidance, coaching, and resources to help missionaries navigate the unique challenges they encounter, fostering strong and resilient marriages throughout every stage of their mission. Coach training is also offered to equip leaders with resources to support their teams.

First Responders

Yes, Marriage Works is dedicated to supporting First Responders' mental health and fortifying struggling marriages. Through targeted relationship classes and resilience training, we address the unique challenges faced by these professionals. Our programs provide valuable insights, communication skills, and strategies to enhance relationships within the First Responder community. By fostering emotional resilience, we empower couples to navigate the demands of their professions while building a foundation for lasting mental health and a thriving marriage.

Faith Community

Yes, Marriage Works is dedicated to serving the faith community by offering coaching, coach training, relationship classes, intensives, and events. Our programs are designed to empower individuals and couples within the faith community to build strong, resilient relationships. Whether through personalized coaching, skill development, or community events, we strive to enhance the relational well-being of faith communities, fostering a foundation for lasting and thriving marriages.


"I would like to thank you both for coming to speak to the Marriage Enrichment class a couple of weeks ago. What you had to say was such an inspiration. Your passion for marriage and the family unit is exactly what our decaying society needs at such a time as this. You touched many of the people in our class that day more than you may know. It's wonderful to know that God is raising up people to fight the spiritual battle that is required to make a difference with all the evil that is going on around us."

L & P Thompkins

​ I woke up this morning praising God for what He has done in my marriage and the first people that He brought to my memory was you and your wife. There is definitely something to be said about spiritual maturity. There were principles that you were teaching us that we were foreign to and we were not far enough along in our walk to trust each other or be open to trying things that we had never seen. I want you to know that I now understand what you and your wife were trying to do for us. We understand the principles of marriage and how God fits into them. I just wanted you to know that the time you spent with us was not in vain. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and making a lifetime impression on our marriage. You two were always the example for us and still are to this day. I apologize for not being ready to receive what you were giving us but I thank you for giving it to us anyway. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

T. Marshall


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