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Yes, Marriage Works provides comprehensive support for missionaries, addressing their needs before, during, and after service on the field. Our programs offer guidance, coaching, and resources to help missionaries navigate the unique challenges they encounter, fostering strong and resilient marriages throughout every stage of their mission. Coach training is also offered to equip leaders with resources to support their teams.


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"Our story started only 2 years ago as both of us were planning on going to the field long-term, but wanted also to get married. I was already on the field, she was preparing to join, and we had a lot of transitions happening at once.  When PI suggested that we do SYMBIS as part of our joining requirements, we were hesitant at first, but since doing it, it’s been a relief and a support throughout our first year of ministry (and marriage!) together. First, it uses what you already know about yourself to make action steps on how to grow closer as a couple. Being in a high stress environment overseas, knowing what makes the other person relaxed or stressed was a huge act of spiritual warfare against the enemy. It allowed us to make decisions as a team and see what we were doing "naturally" that was causing division. Secondly, by doing it over several sessions, we found the Lord sovereignly guided our life experiences during those weeks to make the principles more real: many of the ideas we discussed were "that’s what's been happening!" ah-ha moments that were a big deal. Lastly, our coaches John & Pat were such a valuable resource for anyone that is in this sort of situation, as we really felt related to, always treated professionally, and given heart-felt advice that led us closer to Christ. They helped impart a heart for what He desires in the lives of the marriages around us, and how our marriage can be used as a tool for good. We are grateful for their time with us, and looking forward to future sessions in the future."   We appreciate you!


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